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Components of Sucrose

A 7-month-old baby girl, the second child born to unrelated parents was brought to Pediatrics outdoor department. History revealed that she did not respond well to breast-feeding and was changed entirely to a formula based on cow’s milk at 4 weeks. Between 7 and 12 weeks of age, she was admitted to the hospital twice with a history of screaming after feeding, but was discharged after observation without a specific diagnosis. Elimination of cow’s milk from her diet did not relieve her symptoms; her mother reported that the screaming bouts were worse after the child drank juice and that she...

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Osazone test

This test is used for the identification of sugars. It involves the reaction of monosaccharide with phenyl hydrazine, a crystalline compound. All reducing sugars form osazones with excess of phenyl hydrazine when kept at boiling temperature. Each sugar has a characteristic crystal form of osazones. Which “one” of the following shapes corresponds with the shape of sucrosazone crystals? A. Needle shaped B. Petal shaped C. Rhombic plates D. Powder puff shaped E. None of the above. Details The correct answer is E- Sucrose is a non reducing sugar, it does not form osazone crystals. Upon hydrolysis, the products glucose and...

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Case study- Lactose Intolerance

Case details A 30- year-old Asian male presents with bloating, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. He states that he develops these symptoms whenever he drinks milk or eat dairy products. He is diagnosed with lactose intolerance, a common condition in which lactose is not digested normally and accumulates in the gut. Lactase converts lactose into : A. Two glucose molecules B. Glucose and Fructose C. Glucose and Galactose D. Fructose and Galactose E. Sucrose and Maltose Answer- The correct answer is C- Glucose and galactose. Lactose is a disaccharide made up of Galactose and glucose residues  linked together by beta 1-4...

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