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Answer- Case study- Oral contraceptives induced vitamin deficiencies

Case Details Oral contraceptives are known to lower blood levels of folate and vitamin B6. Which of the following conversion processes might be directly affected? A. Ornithine to Citrulline B. Histidine to histamine C. Glutamate to Glutamine D. Propionyl co A to Methyl malonyl co A E. Phenyl alanine to Tyrosine Answer- B- The correct answer is conversion of Histidine to histamine. The reaction is catalyzed by decarboxylase that requires B6-P as a cofactor (Figure-1) that gets deficient in women upon long-term oral contraceptive usage. Folic acid is not required in this reaction. Figure-1- Decarboxylation of Histidine is carried out...

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Case study- Ammonia Intoxication-A 2-year-old girl was seen in the emergency room ..

Question of the day A 2-year-old girl was seen in the emergency room for vomiting and tremors. The elevated plasma ammonium ion concentration was 200 μM/L (normal 11-40 μM/L). Metabolic screens of blood and serum were ordered and were remarkable for an elevation in the amino acid arginine in serum. Which of the following enzymes would most likely cause an elevation in the plasma Arginine levels? A. Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase I B. Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase II C. Ornithine transcarbamoylase D. Arginase E. Argino succinic acid lyase Figure- Structure of Arginine For answer follow the link http://usmle.biochemistryformedics.com/answer-case-study-urea-cycle-disorder/ Please help Biochemistry for...

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