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Glucose transporter-1(GLUT-1)

Glucose travels across the cell membrane on a transport protein. Hereditary deficiency of GLUT-1, insulin -independent transporter, results in decreased glucose transport. Patients manifest with intractable seizures in infancy and a developmental delay. GLUT-1 transporter is expressed in which of the following cell types? A. Liver, kidney and pancreatic β cells B. Brain (neurons) C. Adipose tissue, skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle D. Erythrocytes, Blood -brain barrier, blood-retinal barrier E. Intestinal epithelium, Spermatozoa. The correct answer is- D, Erythrocytes, Blood -brain barrier, blood-retinal barrier. Basic concept Glucose transport across the cell membrane is a facilitated transport, a carrier mediated transport....

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Case study- Renal glycosuria

Case details A 22-year-old man collapsed from dehydration during maneuvers in the desert and was sent to the emergency. A high level of glucose was observed in his urine. He was suspected of being a diabetic. Further tests, however, determined that his serum insulin level was normal. A glucose tolerance test exhibited a normal pattern; further testing of the urine revealed that only D-glucose was elevated. Other sugars were not elevated. The patient was diagnosed with, ‘Renal glycosuria’. This patient’s elevated urinary glucose and his dehydration episode are caused by a deficiency in which of the following? A. GLUT 2...

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