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A common intermediate of Urea and TCA cycle

Question of the day Which one of the following can be converted to an intermediate of either the citric acid cycle or urea cycle? A. Tyrosine B. Lysine C. Leucine D. Tryptophan E. Aspartate Answer- The correct answer is- E -Aspartate. 1) Role of Aspartate in urea cycle Aspartate participates in urea cycle for condensation with citrulline to form Argino succinic acid. The reaction is catalyzed by Argino succinic acid synthetase (Aspartate provides one out of the two nitrogens of urea, the other nitrogen is contributed by Glutamate). In the subsequent reaction, Argino succinic acid undergoes a lytic reaction to...

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Case study- Starvation

Case details A 25 –year-old woman living alone became severely depressed after the termination of her engagement. Two months later, she was brought to the emergency room by a friend because of weakness and lethargy. She appeared thin and pale. Questioning revealed that she had not eaten for several weeks. Analysis of a plasma sample indicated elevated levels of acetoacetate, β hydroxybutyrate, and blood urea nitrogen (BUN). However her plasma glucose concentration was within normal limits. She was hospitalized, given intravenous feeding and antidepressant medications and subsequently shifted to an 1800 Cal (7500 kJ) diet. Her recovery was uneventful. During...

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Megaloblastic anemia in the presence of normal Folic acid and B12- A case report

Case details A 6-month-old infant is seen by the pediatrician for developmental delay. Blood work shows megaloblastic anemia, although measurements of B12 and folate are in the high normal range. Urinalysis demonstrates, upon standing, the formation of a crystalline substance. Supplementation of the child’s diet with uridine reversed virtually all of the clinical problems. The crystalline substance was most likely composed of which of the following? A. Uracil B. Thymine C. Orotate D. Aspartate E. Cytosine   Figure- Megaloblastic anemia and macrocytosis To check the answer follow the link http://usmle.biochemistryformedics.com/megaloblastic-anemia-in-the-presence-of-normal-folic-acid-and-vitamin-b12-case-discussion/ Please help Biochemistry for Medics by “CLICKING ON THE ADVERTISEMENTS” every time...

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