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Diabetic ketoacidosis- Enzyme for ketones formation?

Case details A 54- year-old man with Type 1 diabetes is referred to an ophthalmologist for evaluation of developing cataract. Blood chemistry results are shown below- Fasting blood glucose   198 mg/dl Hemoglobin A                  15 gm/dl Hemoglobin A 1c             10% of total Hb Urine ketones                   Positive Urine glucose                    Positive Which of the following enzymes is most strongly associated with ketones formation in this patient? A) Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex B) Thioesterase C) Thiophorase D) Thiokinase E) Thiolase. The correct answer is- E- Thiolase. Out of the given options thiolase is the only enzyme involved in the ketogenesis. The process of ketogenesis starts from...

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Case study- Starvation

Case details A 25 –year-old woman living alone became severely depressed after the termination of her engagement. Two months later, she was brought to the emergency room by a friend because of weakness and lethargy. She appeared thin and pale. Questioning revealed that she had not eaten for several weeks. Analysis of a plasma sample indicated elevated levels of acetoacetate, β hydroxybutyrate, and blood urea nitrogen (BUN). However her plasma glucose concentration was within normal limits. She was hospitalized, given intravenous feeding and antidepressant medications and subsequently shifted to an 1800 Cal (7500 kJ) diet. Her recovery was uneventful. During...

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