Question of the day- DNA structure

A sample of human DNA is subjected to increasing temperature until the major fraction exhibits optical density changes due to disruption of its helix (melting or denaturation). A smaller fraction is atypical in that it requires a much higher temperature for melting. This smaller, atypical fraction of DNA must contain a higher content of

A. Adenine plus Cytosine

B. Cytosine plus Guanine

C. Adenine plus Thymine

D. Cytosine plus Thymine

E. Adenine plus Guanine

DNA structure

Figure- DNA Structure

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  1. Deepam Dash says:

    I think Answer is A because

    AT and CG are typical bonds
    CUT are pyrimidine (simpler )
    AG are purines (more complex )

    We r left with AC , CT and AG as options
    CT and AG can’t pair up since the CT will be too far apart and AG too close
    AC is possible though atypical since A is a purine and C pyrimidine base
    (I dont know how far it’s correct )

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