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Welcome to Biochemistry for Medics© – Clinical Cases

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We want this website to be a dynamic environment whereby everyone can interact freely in order to discuss Clinical Cases and solve them.


In order to be able to comment on cases, you will need to “register” with us. And the way to do so cannot get any simpler. All you have to do is just click on any one of your preferred Social Accounts amongst Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn or Microsoft Live, – on the left sidebar – and you shall forever be registered with us. We do recommend that you use your Facebook account to Login since it will allow you to have a better profile – including your up-to-date “Facebook Profile Picture” displayed on our website and next to your comments.

 Final words

Please do not forget to pay regular visits to our main website “” where new posts (Theory Notes, Subjective Questions, PowerPoint presentations, and many more…) will continue appearing on a regular basis.We are also working on ways to innovate and upgrade in the near future.


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  1. Thanks a lot. Keep visiting our website for your suggestions.

  2. Javin Gogoi says:

    Congratulation for this effort. Hope it will help all of us to know and understand Biochemistry in a better way. Also wish to have regular updates on recent advancement in Biochemistry (especially in Diagnostic & Clinical Biochemistry).

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  4. Biochemistry for Medics says:

    Please comment HERE!

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