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Effect of Lead poisoning on heme biosynthetic pathway

A 3-year- old boy is brought to the emergency room with abdominal pain, mental status changes and fatigue. On taking history the physician finds the child belongs to a very poor family and lives in an old house and has the habit of licking the paint chips that have crumbled in the window sills. The physician suspects lead poisoning. Lead typically interferes with which of the following enzymes? A) Porphobilinogen deaminase B) Protoporphyrinogen oxidase C) ALA synthase D) Coproporphyrinogen oxidase E) ALAdehydratase The correct option is- ALA dehydratase. All the enzymes mentioned above are related with the pathway of heme biosynthesis. Heme is...

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Excessive Nasogastric (NG) drainage and acid base status

Case details A postoperative surgical patient had a nasogastric tube (figure) in for three days.   Figure- Nasogastric tube   The nurse caring for the patient stated that there was much drainage from the tube that is why she felt so sick. What could be the reason? A. Metabolic Acidosis B. Metabolic Alkalosis C. Respiratory Acidosis D. Respiratory Alkalosis E. None of the above. The correct answer is- B-Metabolic alkalosis. Metabolic alkalosis is primary increase in HCO3 − with or without compensatory increase in PCO2; pH may be high or nearly normal. Whenever a hydrogen ion is excreted, a bicarbonate ion is gained into the extracellular...

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Protein folding defect

Case details A 50-year-old male presents with “dancing –like” movements of his arms and progressive dementia. He cannot control the movement of his arms. He states that he knows that he has Huntington’s disease because his mother has the same disease. The disease is caused by abnormal protein folding. Which of the following helps to mediate proper protein folding? A. Chaperones B. Transcription factors C. DNA binding proteins D. RNA binding proteins E. All of the above.   Figure-Folding of a protein to acquire a mature functional conformation Discussion- The correct answer is Chaperones. Most proteins must fold into defined three-dimensional...

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Weekly Plan- From 28/01- 03/02- 2014

28/01/2014- Tuesday- Endocrinology 29/01/2014- Wednesday- Diabetes Mellitus and Metabolic syndrome 30/01/2014- Thursday- Integrative metabolism 31/01/2014- Friday- Biochemistry of Digestion 01/02/2014- Saturday- DNA Replication and Transcription o2/02/2014- Sunday- Amino acid catabolism 03/02/2014- Monday- Metabolism of carbohydrates   Please help Biochemistry for Medics by “CLICKING ON THE ADVERTISEMENTS” every time you visit us. Thank you!

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Weekly Plan (from 21-27/01/2014)

21/01/2014- Tuesday-Chemistry of Lipids 22/01/2014 – Wednesday- Chemistry of amino acids, peptides and protein 23/01/2014- Thursday- Metabolism of Lipids 24/01/2014- Friday- Metabolism of amino acids 25/01/2014- Saturday- Enzymology 26/01/2014- Sunday- Hemoglobinopathies 27/01/2014- Monday- Molecular Biology Please help Biochemistry for Medics by “CLICKING ON THE ADVERTISEMENTS” every time you visit us. Thank you!

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